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Speeches of Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Dr. Rajendra Prasad > Participation in Freedom Movement

1913 Became President of Bihar Chhatra Sammelan (Munger)
1917-18 Visited Champaran with Mahatma Gandhi
1921  Established Bihar Vidyapeeth with Mahatma Gandhi and Maulana Majharul Haq
1922 Became President of Welcome Committee of Gaya Congress Adhiveshan
1928 Visited England & other European Countries. Attended meetings against War and gave message of peace.
6th July 1930 Arrested in Satyagrah Aandolan
4th January 1932 Arrested again in Sadakat Aashram
7th January 1932 Arrested as Dictator of Congress
17th January 1934 Released from Jail and helped Bihar Earth quake affected people
13th October 1934 Became President of Akhil Bhartiya Adhiveshan of Congress in Mumbai. 
May 1938 Became President of Ramgarh Congress Welcome Committee
1939 Became President of Contress after resignation submitted by Subhash Chandra Bose
9th August 1942 Arrested under Bharat Security Rules and stayed as Najarband in Patna Jail till 15th June 1945
25th June to 14th July 1945 Attended Shimla Congress
2nd December 1946 Became Minister of Food & Agriculture
11th December 1946 Became President of Bhartiya Savindhan Sabha
17th November 1947 Became Congress President after resignation submitted by Aacharya Kriplani

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